Inossidabile Magazine 186

Inossidabile 186
Cover: Stainless steel filters: only pureness gets through
  • A cart for transporting pleasure boats completely made of AISI 316L
  • From our members – ThyssenKrupp Acciai Speciali Terni Group: Tubificio di Terni and Società delle Fucine
  • Fire resistance: a few general and specific remarks concerning stainless steel
  • The new generation of ferritic stainless steels: a need which has become an opportunity
  • The importance of fittings
  • The new CLT recreation ground under the sign of stainless steel
  • A stainless steel plant for industrial liquid waste treatment
  • News:
    - Centro Inox Servizi Srl: specific consulting services and training courses focused on stainless steels
  • The green thumb of stainless steel