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INOSSIDABILE is a magazine regularly published since 1965. All articles and contributions are published with photographic and technical material supplied by the manufacturers themselves or by the designers of the presented products and projects, and are submitted in advance to the approval of an Editorial Committee formed by Centro Inox Member Companies.

The magazine is published quarterly in the months of March, June, September and December of each year. The magazine has currently an average run of 1000 copies/issue.

The subjects dealt with by the magazine range over any area in which stainless steel is used (energy, chemical, food, transport, building, household, etc. industries). In addition, from time to time, some particular application fields are favoured, since they concern some emerging areas in which promotional actions are being carried out at the moment in which the magazine is published. The magazine does not include any advertisement.

The distribution target consists of operators and dealers belonging to the above mentioned industrial areas, as well as public administrations, schools, universities, and multi-sectoral markets. The magazine, in paper format, is sent only in Italy. However, for our digital Italian and foreign readers on Inossidabile, the issues of Inossidabile and their English summaries are available for download on our website and through our social networks (LinkedIn and Facebook) completely free of charge. In addition, they will be distributed via e-mail to a dedicated mailing list. Further distribution actions are provided for on the occasion of conventions, meetings, seminars and courses organized whether by Centro Inox or by other organizations, as well as on the occasion of specialized trade exhibitions and fairs (e.g. urban planning furniture/structures, food industry, etc.).

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