Inossidabile Magazine 179

Inossidabile 179
Cover: Domina Inn Milano-Fiera: the comfortable side of stainless steel
(MARCH 2010)
  • Cleaning operations in the “Giovanni XXIII” tunnel in Rome lined with Vernest® stainless steel
  • From our members: Ugitech – The world leader for stainless steel and alloy long products
  • Ministerial Decree of March 21st, 1973: contact with foodstuff puts on a new dress
  • Stainless steel pursues aesthetic perfection
  • The “giorno notte” collection for day and night – indoor and outdoor living solutions
  • Italian design lights up stainless steel
  • Silver Ice® stainless steel for lifts: anti-fingerprint and abrasion resistant
  • A disc… under “pressure”
  • News:
    - Stainless steel fasteners: the new edition of EN ISO 3506 standards has been released;
    - The “Summa” project – Milan, January 27th, 2010;
    - “Metal & Steel Exhibition 2010” Cairo, 18÷20 February 2010;
    - “Stainless Steel and Food – Developments in standards, regulations, performances and experiences” – Milan, May 5th, 2010 (Centro Inox – Alimenservice);
    - “H2O – Accadueo” – Ferrara, May 19th÷21st, 2010;
    - “9th International Stainless & Special Summit” – Rome, September 7th÷9th, 2010 (Metal Bulletin – SMR)
  • “Segni di Luce” (marks of light)… a “stainless” flash