Inossidabile Magazine 178

Inossidabile 178
Cover: L’Aquila – new water resources for a land that revives
  • Stainless steel shows off at pavilion B of the Fair of Genoa
  • From our members: Rodacciai – steady quality, steady innovation
  • Technical gases for welding and cutting processes: a general outline
  • Stainless steel in storage tanks for the thermal industry
  • “Ledtree”: from intuition to form
  • Stainless steel support structures for photovoltaic modules
  • A stainless steel core to create a romantic atmosphere and enjoy the pleasure of a ecological fireplace
  • How many “hugs” do you want? Shape your personal heat by yourself
  • Insulating with stainless steel
  • Stainless steel in sound-absorbing barriers: the Rome-Naples railway line
  • News:
    - Stainless steel chimneys;
    - Proceedings of the conference: “Stainless Steels – Standards, Directives and Laws” (Centro Inox – Unsider) Milan, 18th November 2009;
    - “Metal & Steel Exhibition 2010” Cairo, 18÷20 February 2010;
    - Presentation of the book: “Acciaio e suoi correttivi”.
  • The steamboat docks on stainless steel in the island of Burano