Inossidabile Magazine 177

Inossidabile 177
Cover: The “PIG” cleaning system for foodstuff conveying pipes
  • The shopping centre of Quarto is getting dressed in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel floors: a step forward in prestige architecture
  • From our members: Cogne Acciai Speciali – A history of work, commitment and Innovation
  • Home cleaning products for stainless steel: compatibility tests
  • Stainless steel doors: from pure functionality… to pure aesthetics
  • “Water Treadmill”, an innovative therapy in veterinary science
  • 13th World Swimming Championship – Rome, 2009: swimming pools embrace stainless steel
  • An off-road luggage rack for adventurous journeys
  • Stainless steel for manufacturing push-button panel for elevators
  • On the road of California in the city of angels
  • The Zurich airport: a stainless steel window overlooking the world
  • News:
    - EN 10088-4 and EN 10088-5 standards harmonized to CPD
    - “Stainless Steels – Standards, Directives and Laws” (Centro Inox – Unsider) Milan, 18th November 2009;
  • An oasis of glass and stainless steel