Inossidabile Magazine 180

Inossidabile 180
Cover: "Chocolate: the secret ingredient is stainless steel"
(JUNE 2010)
  • Letter to professor Gabriele Di Caprio
  • From our members: Marcegaglia – A growing leadership in the stainless steel sector
  • Radioactivity and compulsory radiometric controls: taking stock of the situation
  • The “Ecokey” project for waste collection and recycling: stainless steel in the service of ecology
  • Stainless steel cloths: from industry to architecture, passing by design
  • One-hundred new ashtrays in the city of Verona: the advantages of stainless steel in street furniture
  • Enlisted in the navy: stainless steel in the service of defence
  • The “Summa” project
  • News:
    - “9th International Stainless & Special Summit” – Rome, September 7th÷9th, 2010 (Metal Bulletin – SMR)
  • A trigenerative solar power plant at the court of the grand duke of Tuscany