Inossidabile Magazine 171

Inossidabile 171
Cover: A “stainless” green skin
(MARCH 2008)
  • Museum of cycling “Madonna del Ghisallo”
  • From our members: TECNOFAR – Drawn and TIG-welded precision tubes
  • DLC, or when carbon becomes as hard as a diamond.
    Advanced technology walks arm in arm with beauty and design
  • Stainless steel for taps: a long-lasting, durable solution, and innovation in design
  • The reverse osmosis desalinator of Reggio Calabria
  • Technology for safety in the tunnel Martignano in Valsugana
  • Stainless steel fans for tunnels
  • Frauds, non-conformity and radioactivity.
    Technical seminars in Genoa and Venice for the Customs Agency
  • Opening of an anti-dumping inquiry concerning cold-formed flat stainless steel products against China, South Korea, and Taiwan
  • Ventilated walls and floating floors become rustproof
  • News:
    Seminar - Stainless steels: corrosion-proof alloys for desalination plants
    H2O Exhibition, Ferrara Fairground - Wednesday, 21st May 2008
  • Vespa LX, or how a myth can be revived